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The Dragon Who Wore Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Dragon Wings.

I’m editing the first draft of my newest fantasy novel which is tentatively titled: The Dragon Who Wore Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Dragon Wings.

Not really, but maybe the title for a future novel?

I don’t have a title yet, several working ideas that I’ll flesh out as I work my way through the draft. The series title is The Dragon Ring. This is a sequel series to my The Legend of Hooper’s Dragonfantasy series and takes place on Erdron some thirty or so years in the future after the Last Battle in the Great War.

This time around the point-of-view is that of a young dragon, Wind Storm, whose wings don’t work, he can’t spit dragon fire, and his older brother is constantly tying Wind Storm’s tail in knots and hanging him from a tree, just like a possum.

Unlike Hooper’s where my world creation centered around humans, this time, I’m expanding about a bit on the dragon’s world as told through the eyes and adventures of Wind Storm and his merry band of other assorted dragons.

Yes, there will be humans, after all, what’s a dragon without a human, or is it what’s a humanwithout a dragon? Anyway, there will be humans with their stories, an assortment of good and bad, creatures, both great and small, some good, some not so good, and those that are really evil.

Adventures await and I hope to have the novel published on Amazon sometime around mid-February or so.

Thanks to all who read my stories and may all that you read bring you awe and uplifting thoughts.

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