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On My Way to Writing the Star Scout Saga.

Many years ago, I started writing a story about a young man in the future who had a bit of a sordid background (father, alleged, a criminal in league with the worst terrorists in the known galaxy) but he didn’t believe that his father could really be that person. Yes, it sound a bit familiar, but no, it’s not a takeoff on Star Wars. Most of grow up thinking our dads are Superman and mom is a combination of Fairy Godmother, Guardian Angel, and, of course the Tooth Fairy all rolled into one. Not to mention she’s the one with the gentle hand and voice that calms Superman when he goes all Kryptonite just because we spilled a teensy bit of paint on the new carpet. Okay, it was a bit more than a teensy bit. Nevertheless, it was mom who helped us clean it up and Make It All Better so that dad, I mean Superman, could go back to leaping tall buildings with a single bound. Anyway, my story went through all sorts of gyrations until it finally evolved to where it should have been in the first place and I felt comfortable with the tale. First edition was something along the lines of: Dason Thorne, hero in training, ready to take on the Galactic Overlord and all his space rats by staring them down and giving them a beat down to beat all beat downs by one simple flick of the little pinkie. Now it’s more like: Dason Thorne, novice Star Scout who’s ready to go to hell and back to find his missing Star Scout father and prove that he is not a member of the nefarious Gadion Faction terrorists. Only, it’s not all that simple as Dason and his teammates have to battle fierce extraterrestrial beasts, survive in toxic alien environments, and yes, find themselves running head on into the Gadions; not to mention warlike aliens who seem bent on destroying the home worlds of humanity. So, the story has evolved since way back then and now not only is the plot much more intricate (not to mention that that first book grew into five) but Dason is a bit more human, a bit more complex, and a bit more humble in his attempts to find out the truth. Yes, as they say, it’s a Space Opera. However, I believe it’s a bit more than space villain versus space hero. It takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of a young man who must confront some very real dangers Out There but also face the inner dangers of self-doubt, lost faith, and the uncertainty of what the future may hold. A future where the truth is that dad really is Superman or a future where dad is one of the really bad guys and you may end having to fight your own father to save humanity. Book 1 A Star Rising the latest (and last) version of that story started long ago is the first book in a five-book series, The Star Scout Saga and is now available on Amazon.

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