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If a Dragon Cries

Book 1 of the Legend of Hooper's Dragons

What do Hooper, a waif who lives in a dirty, smelly dragon birthing barn, and Golden Wind, the mystical golden dragon have in common? Other than saving a whole world, nothing much.

On Erdron, the gates to The Age of Magic are slowly opening. Vay, a powerful, evil faerie lusts for two things: to be the Dark Queen of Erdron, and to reclaim her prized creation, the golden dragon who not only can deliver the world to her but holds the key to her ultimate destruction.

The Queen's Vow

Book 2 of the Legend of Hooper's Dragons

The fury of battle at Dunadain Keep is over. Though Vay, the Evil One tastes defeat, her rage and wrath only increases. She thirsts for revenge and vows to find Hooper, the Gem Guardian and Golden Wind to reclaim the golden dragon, and deal death to Hooper for daring to challenge her.

The quest continues in book two, Queen’s Vow, as the company seeks a safe haven from Vay’s wrath. But there is no sanctuary. They are the hunted, the pursued. Outcast from all they know, they feel the heavy weight of the condemned just waiting for Death to write the last sentence in their book of life.

As the company flees from Vay’s tempest, even Hooper has to question whether one dragon is worth the pain and suffering. Indeed, is a dragon worth dying for, or for that matter, is there ever any one thing worth the ultimate price?

For Hooper, it may well be the question that decides his ultimate fate.


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  Legend of Hooper's Dragons                          book 3

   From the savage maelstrom of the Battle of Dronopolis, the company of the Golden Dragon must now travel to a world of shadows and darkness, where Hooper must meet and defeat his own dark demon.

If he can not - or will not, then all may die, and the quest to save Golden Wind ends in Vay's evil victory over all of Erdon. 

Gary Darby's series The Legend of Hooper's Dragons brings you into the world of dragons, magic and sword fights. Get On Wings of Thunder today.

  The Roar of            Wings

   The Legend of  Hooper's   Dragons


Betrayed by a trusted friend and left to die, Hooper faces a life-changing decision: Vengeance or forgiveness.

Buy it now to enter master story teller Gary Darby's world of dragons, fraeries, wizards , villains and heroes.

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A Thriller

This is a thought project that I've been dabbling with recently when I take a break from Hooper's Dragons. I can't say much at this point other than to say that it is a mystery/thriller. I'm pretty excited about it; it's been a fun project. 

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